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It’s been a busy wedding season!  Thought I’d share a few of my favorites from last week.  🙂








Analyn & Christian, San Francisco Engagement


He surprised her with a party where he rented out an entire suite filled with their closest family and friends.  He wanted to make sure that it was a memorable moment shared with the people they love and a celebration of what’s to come; but especially to make it as special as her.

Analyn and Christian, capturing the both of you fills my heart with giddiness!  Thank you.




Casey & Ron, Engagement, San Francisco, CA

A year and a half into their relationship Ron knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Casey.  Ron and Casey planned a date to go out to the winery in Napa, and since it was Casey’s first time, Ron felt it was the perfect opportunity to set the mood and make it official.  However things were not going very smoothly, it started to rain, Casey wanted to leave right away, Ron was hungry and they both were feeling a little grumpy.  In Ron’s mind, he kept thinking to himself that he needed to get his “act” together as this day is suppose to be one of the most exciting time of their lives.  They both agreed to start their day over and once they got to the winery the sun greeted them with romance.  Ron asked her if she loved him and was a bit nervous so he kept asking her.  Casey reassured Ron and before Casey got fed up with comforting her “self-doubting” boyfriend (who was really just super nervous because he was about to pop the question) he says to her, “You have to promise me to wear this for the rest of your life.”  Ron takes out the ring and asked Casey to marry him.

Who knew that a day that started out to be crummy can turn into a beautiful life-changing event?  It was perfect to hear their story and I’m so excited to watch them walk down the aisle!

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Victoria, Carlos, and Natalia~San Franscisco Engagement

It all began at his cousin’s house and he kept approaching her because he couldn’t get enough of her presence.  She remembered his charm and was flattered by his tenacious energy that resulted in her wanting to find him again.  Once they were reunited, they began their romance and have formed a bond that no one can explain or ever understand.  They were blessed with a beautiful life that presented their love and taught them an even deeper meaning of life.  With love, they are able to conquer life’s unexpected experiences such as- the love of a mother and father and now ready to dominate the love between a husband and wife.   With the presence of their pretty little girl’s face along with their angel from above, he got down on one knee.

Victoria and Carlos, thank you so much for the opportunity to tell your story.  Your precious Natalia is a beauty and you make a wonderful family.  I am super excited to document your special day!  Thank you.

Malav and Megha ~ Vows~ San Franscisco, Ca

He saw her at the bus stop and it was where he first noticed her.  She noticed him too but didn’t think anything of it,  “he was really into computers” she recalls with a grin on her face.  But since according to her, he was the “big dog” on campus she invited him to participate in an event where they began their friendship.  She was determined to stay focused in school and he was determined to win her heart.  In the end, they both fell in love and he proposed to her in front of the Palace of Fine Arts rotunda.  They held their nuptials in India where they celebrated in their traditional wedding ceremony with their families and friends.  Seven months later, they are happy newlyweds and wanted to express their promise by reciting vows to one another.  The moment was so sweet, endearing and an intimate time for the two.  I just wanted to stop taking pictures so I can listen and watch them!  However, I’m so excited to have been chosen to document such a special scene and I’m beyond thankful!!!

Megha and Malav it was such a joy getting to know the both of you!  You guys have such a special relationship and such beautiful hearts.  Thank you for sharing your story!

Look, feel, remember…


Special thanks to the guy who “never says no… ” =)

Oh goodness…. I asked them to show me fierce and I just about died!!!!! LOVE!  Seriously…..